New Tony Moon Project

yo, so i just wanted to update the people real quick. i know it’s been a while since i’ve released anthing official, and people are asking me about the next project. i am definitely coming out with new music. being abroad for the last year has slowed the process down a bit and my laptop has just crashed, but it’s all good. everything in its own time. a new EP will be dropping next. can’t say when yet, though. it’s 99% written, it’s just a matter of when i can get into an appropriate studio to lay it down. i appreciate your patience in advance. don’t wanna give too many details away, but it’s gonna be dope and it’s gonna be big. i wanna say so much more and even post some tracks, but…i guess i have to be patient too. build with you all soon…….er than later. bless.


much love and light