Cohesive – “The Beginning” Album Out Now – Free Download

Peace and blessings,

Yo, so my homie and dope emcee Instant Legend has joined forces with his mans and producer Midiflash and formed the collective known as “Cohesive.” They’ve just released their debut album entitled “The Beginning” and yo, this shit is fire. Been meaning to build and collab with the homie IL, but our schedules haven’t quite connected. But yo, the project is free (although you can donate if you’d like), and it can be downloaded here.

The tape features DZK, Bizzy Bone, Soul Khan, Hopsin, Aolani, the late great Point Game, Sly Dog, and Colin Smith.

on a side note, the homie IL is also into film making…so if you wanna keep up wit him on that level, hit his website here: