e-Book Free Download – “Astral Dynamics” by Robert Bruce

Peace and blessings to the multiverse.

I’ve been doing some ill work on the astral plane these days, and figured I’d drop a nice little tool for anyone doing similar work during the massive transitional period we’re going through as soul beings.

This is a book on astral projection by Robert Bruce. Honestly, I haven’t read it in it’s entirety, as my info rarely comes from a book and more typically comes from the cosmos. It’s definitely got everything a novice or an adept needs to sharpen that aspect of our abilities, though. So , copy/paste this url to cop the book: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/doc/Astral%20Dynamics.pdf

Also, I may add a library section to this site soon, which will house e-books and documentaries. I’ll keep you posted. Def got a lot of information on metaphysics and history that some folks may find interesting or beneficial. We’ll see what happens.

Much love and light.


Tony Moon Featured on “Reach Out To Rising Sun” Mixtape for Japan Quake/Tsunami Relief

Peace and blessings to the world.

So, I have been blessed by my Japanese label, ROOT70 Lounge, with the opportunity to be included on a really dope tape featuring a bunch of ill artists. My song “Crazy World”, from my Lunar Plexus mixtape was picked up as part of the relief effort. Definitely cop this. Shouts to Nao and all of my famm out in Japan. Keeping y’all in my meditations always. Bless.

Macsen Apollo of V.E.R.A. Clique and Root70 Lounge Present Reach Out To The Rising Sun “a compilation for Japan quake / tsunami relief”. Featuring Bukue One & Del The Funky Homosapien, V!rtu & Mad Skillz, Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Macsen Apollo of V.E.R.A. Clique, Tony Moon, North Scientifik, El Chavo, DJ Ezaasscul, A-Class, Dirt Platoon, Ghetto Vader & Vida Female MC, Project Left Over, DNA, Kemp, Paulie Rhyme & Victor Freeze, Kev Choice and more… Hosted by DJ Flash of the Justus League. All proceeds go to Japan relief donations.



To quote Macsen Apollo:

This Compilation has been made with love. The Idea is to make sure the donations go to the right place and not red cross. We want to make sure the victims get the help they need.. Food, Water, Sleeping bags, tents, ect.. We are working on forming a team of people in japan that can use the money this compilation makes and go help the Victims Hand to Hand. We would like to make a documentary that shows our efforts.. Much love to all the Artists that have donated their time & art.

Moon Thailand Freestyle in Front of the Tesco Lotus Market

Peace and blessings, beautiful people. Went to get some water from the supermarket and met the homie MC Young Boom. We exchanged info and bars for a good minute. One of his homies captured a small portion of the cypher and had it posted up within seconds. Figured I’d post this up to give you a glimpse of the daily out here. Nothing but blessings and good times. Been in more than 10 five-hour-long jam sessions since it’s like everyone here plays guitar and sings. Prolly got plenty more vids floating around the interweb of me freestylin. But gotta say, I’m so pleasantly surprised at the amount of Hip Hop heads out here. Also, booked a studio session for early July so…Moon x Boom collab coming soon. Much love and light.


Tony Moon – “Deja Vu” (prod. by Van Ark) – on the stillMuzik Label

As some of you prolly know, I’ve released some projects through international digital distribution labels, namely stillMuzik in France and root70 LOUNGE in Japan. This is a joint that I did to a Van Ark beat for his Chemical Beats LP a couple years back. The same track ended up on Moonshine: You Know, For Kids! and Sacred Sounds EP. I guess I just liked it that much. Anyways, I just recently peeped that stillMuzik has it posted up on their soundcloud page, so here you go. Enjoy.

Be sure to hit up stillMuzik’s soundcloud page linked above. They’ve got a dope roster of ill artists. Bless.

Tony Moon x Octavion Xcellence – “Electric Chair Documentary”

Recently, I was blessed to get the opportunity to spit on the homie Octavion Xcellence‘s project, The Good News. The track, “Electric Chair Documentary” was subsequently picked up on The Coldest Mixtape, sponsored by Coors Light x A Good Supply. This version is the one that showed up on The Coldest Mixtape (which features a buncha dope artists like Gods’illa). For the official unedited and untagged version, download The Good News, here. I’m really happy about the way this track turned out. Definitely some psychic syncromystic shit happening here. Also, go download Octavion’s tape and get familiar with his squad Suburban District. The cats are dope and got an ill movement goin on.

Jah-I-Witness Emcee – “What’s Your Name” – Preview from “E11EVEN”

Frequent Moon collaborator (i.e. “The Living Proof“, “Providence“, and “Requiem for a Lunatic“) and homie, Jah-I-Witness Emcee leaks a sneak peek into his upcoming album “E11EVEN” due to drop on 11.11.11. Also, be on the look out for more future Moon x Jah-I collabs. Definitely looking forward to this album. Check this out and bask in the higher vibrations.

The Return of the Chamber

Peace and blessings, beautiful people –

The chamber is back. Looks like there will continue to be some music updates, so I figured having this platform to keep you posted on Tony Moon current events would be apt. More info to come soon. Expect to see updates on releases, press coverage, performances, and music updates about affiliated artists at the very least. Maybe even some random shit here and there (funny clips, dope music, e-books, cosmic consciousness-related material, etc.). We’ll see how this evolves. Much love and light to the world.

Tony Moon