Tony Moon on Truth Talk & Tunes And Spun On Free Think Radio

peace good peoples. so, i came across this the other day and thought it’d be fitting to share with you.

turns out my Lunar Plexus tape was posted up over at Truth Talk and Tunes. they’re a truth music website which also does a 24/7 streaming radio station called Free Think Radio that featured/is featuring some of my music. their playlist pool is dope (also featuring my homies Vendetta Kingz), so i’d definitely recommend checking them out. peace and many blessings go out to Don Haze and Soprano Slick for finding my music and thinking enough of it to spin & feature it. i appreciate that fellas.


“Lunar Plexus” featured on Underground Hardcore Rap!

so list of supportive websites continues to grow. peace and many blessings to DJ Rhum’1 over at Underground Hardcore Rap (in France)  for posting up my latest mixtape, Lunar Plexus. can’t believe the all of the love i’m gettin for this tape. definitely getting a lot of traffic from that. check the post out here or click the pics below. much love and light to all.

[VIDEO] Tony Moon Chillin in Thailand

so, a few of the foreigners got together out here in thailand recently, and my homie oleg filmed some of the shenanigans.

a few notes:

oleg is russian and is the co-founder of a dope ass band called The Red Elvises. check em out here. he and i are currently working on an EP and have one song finished already. stay tuned.

the third variety of jack daniels referenced is jack daniels silver select and it is delicious.

yes, i was high. very high.

lewis is insane. and he makes the illest gumbo and some pretty damn good potato salad.



“Lunar Plexus” featured on!

peace and blessings beautiful people. just wanted to send some positive vibrations out to the good folks over at for posting up my latest mixtape, Lunar Plexus. this lengthens an already long list of sites that have shown love and supported my music. many thanks to all of y’all for that. you can check the post out here or click the pics below.